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Gooseneck Roof Vent

Household appliances that are exhausted through the Attic space must be connected to the proper roof vent.  Bathroom fans, Clothes dryers and Kitchen hood exhaust fans are all vented using a type of Gooseneck Roof Vent.  Goosenecks are installed much … Continue reading

Attic voids

Attic voids are tricky.  They hide beneath your Attic insulation, out of sight & out of mind.  They could be anywhere: above a shower, above a closet, surrounding a cinder-block chimney or simply a large hole that was cut for … Continue reading

Soffit ventilation

Soffit ventilation is an important part of a healthy Attic.  Older homes rely on fresh air to be drawn in through the soffit vents.  The air fills the soffit cavity and then travels over the wall plate (under the roof) … Continue reading