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A wet attic roof is a sign that you have a problem

Moisture in an attic can build over time.  It can take quite a while before it makes its way down through the ceiling and onto a light fixture (for example).  Take a look into your attic every once in a while to ensure there is no moisture.  One of the first signs when you open […]

Melted plastic on electrical boxes is a sign of trouble

Melted poly on top of an electrical boxes (light fixtures, outlets, ceiling fans) is a sign of trouble.  Have an electrician inspect the installation to ensure it is safe. You can help by ensuring the light fixture below has the appropriate bulb and wattage to help reduce the chances of over-heating.  This overheated fixture is […]

Attic batt insulation must be installed properly

Attic batt insulation should not be block the edges of the attic space and hence restrict air intake flow from the soffit areas.  The attic batt insulation should be pulled back to allow an air space above, preferably with the aid of a cardboard stop (installed at time of construction) or retro-fitted with a styrofoam […]

Bare spots lead to attic insulation problems

Bare spots in the attic insulation can cause temperature variations within a room below but are also a prime culprit for Ice Damming on the roof above.  Excessive heat transfers through the ceiling and up to the roof above.  This localized heat can cause the under-side of the snow pack on the roof to melt […]

How well is your bathroom fan vent hose performing?

#1: where is this vent hose going?  Doesn’t do much good laying on the attic floor when it should be connected to the roof vent. #2: that’s a pretty big hole in the ceiling.  How much air is travelling through that hole?  It must be sealed with poly and/or foam.\  

Roof leaks are not always what they seem

Water damage on ceiling drywall isn’t always due to a roof leak or insulation issues.  Sometimes the work of other trades in the attic fails and causes additional moist air that is not properly ventilated.   It’s a good idea to poke your head into your attic at the first signs of water damage on […]