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Qualified Roof Inspection

It’s not always easy to know what kind of shape your roof is in.  How long should my shingles last before needing replacement?  Do I have enough ventilation?  Is my roof installed properly or am i susceptible to leaks?  Roofs are dangerous and due care must be taken whenever anybody climbs on top of your […]

Attic Moisture Sources

Attic moisture sources can be difficult to diagnose.  The sources can range from framing voids, compromised ceiling vapor barrier, electrical or plumbing penetrations, attic hatches or the ever increasing volume of recessed lighting fixtures.  One of the most common attic moisture source is something that is quite easy to identify: bathroom exhaust fan vent hoses.  All […]

Properly air seal pot lights

Pot lights.  Everyone loves them.  They are chic, minimalist and used frequently in both new construction and renovations.  Unfortunately they represent a penetration in the ceiling vapor barrier that when improperly air sealed can be a source of unwanted heat and moisture into the Attic space.  To properly air seal pot lights one must first […]

Trees overhanging roof can cause damage

Too often trees are planted too close to the home and/or grow to overtake the roof line.  Trees overhanging roof can cause damage to the roof shingles as well as issues in drainage.  Rubbing can cause excessive granule loss leading to shingle failure.  Debris such as branches, leaves, sap and seeds can end up in […]

Roofing Downspouts

Potential granule loss at downspouts Prolonged water flow from roofing downspouts draining on to a lower roof line can result in excessive granule loss and potentially lead to more serious water ingress issues. Extending your down spouts to meet the nearest eavestrough or re-directing a downspout directly to ground level can help avoid these issues […]


R-value is the unit of measurement used to gauge a material’s ability to reduce the rate of heat flow.  Everything has an R-value and in insulation it is used to rate the effectiveness and quality of products.  Different products have different R-value characteristics which are often compared by inch-depth.  A standard fiberglass batt has a […]

Air sealing attic

One of the most important factors in keeping a healthy energy efficient home is to ensure the entire envelope of your building is air sealed. Much like a balloon, poking holes in your homes building envelope will let air escape.  As heat rises, an area of prime concern is the ceiling vapor barrier, or air […]

Attic insulation article

Read a great article on the Construction Instruction website discussing some of the same factors we do here on our IDEAL blog.  You can read the full article HERE.    There is also a nice visual representation of Attic insulation factors that you can view HERE. Highlights include: – proper vapor barrier seal between living […]

Soffit ventilation

Attic inspections consider 3 major factors:  R-value (measure of thermal resistance) of current insulation, Continuity of ceiling vapor barrier and Ventilation.  Ventilation is evaluated in 2 ways: Intake (usually in through the soffit cavities) and Exhaust (through vents installed high on the roof’s ridges).  Your home’s attic and roof depend on proper ventilation to exhaust […]