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Managing moisture sources in Attics

This past winter was one of the worst for condensation issues in Calgary’s attics.  The prolonged, deep cold spells exposed issues that caused extensive damage and frustration to homeowners and contractors alike.  IDEAL was called to dozens of projects each month … Continue reading

Repairing Attic Insulation

One of the challenges of  repairing Attic insulation is properly identifying the scope of work.  Attics are out of sight and hence out of mind.  Quite often our customers are not aware of the issues present as so few homeowners … Continue reading

Moisture Issues in Attics

Last month Calgary experienced a significant cold spell where temperatures dipped below -10C for almost 3 weeks.  Cold snaps like this expose moisture issues in attics as the prolonged cold leads to the development of frost.  A healthy home in … Continue reading

Thermal fireproofing

IDEAL has been working to develop our thermal fireproofing services.  Recently we completed a project where the metal exterior walls of a warehouse/workshop were fireproofed using Hibar cementious fibre.