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Open vs. Closed Valleys

There are 2 different methods to roof valleys: open vs. closed.  What are the differences?  Are there advantages to either application?  Open valleys refer to trimming back the shingles along the valley metal, hence exposing the flashing and allow water to run-off.  In closed valley applications the field shingles are installed across the valley.  Closed […]

Gooseneck Roof Vent

Household appliances that are exhausted through the Attic space must be connected to the proper roof vent.  Bathroom fans, Clothes dryers and Kitchen hood exhaust fans are all vented using a type of Gooseneck Roof Vent.  Goosenecks are installed much like an exhaust vent but do hold one key difference: an interior connection that allows […]

Updates to Alberta Building Code 9.36

The Energy Efficiency portion of the 2014 Alberta Building Code 9.36 comes into effect on November 1st, 2016.  This will effect how homes are built and renovated relating to insulation.  To learn more the City of Calgary is providing some great information on their website.  You can learn more here IDEAL Insulation & Roofing is […]

Eavestrough, Downspouts, Soffit, Fascia

Did you know that IDEAL also offers all soft metal work including eavestrough, downspouts, soffit, fascia?  Our qualified installers can install new or replace existing Eavestrough, Downspouts, Soffit & Fascia.  Is your existing wood fascia rotting or paint chipping?  IDEAL can clad it with new aluminum in a variety of colors to choose from.  Aluminum […]

Stampede Dream Home 2016

IDEAL Insulation & Roofing is proud to be a partner in this years Home by Avi Stampede Lottery Dream Home.  Together with our partners at GAF Roofing & Shoemaker Drywall Supplies we have supplied a beautiful GAF Grand Sequoia roof.  Be sure to visit the Dream Home during this year’s Calgary Stampede and check out […]

Attic voids

Attic voids are tricky.  They hide beneath your Attic insulation, out of sight & out of mind.  They could be anywhere: above a shower, above a closet, surrounding a cinder-block chimney or simply a large hole that was cut for electrical wiring or plumbing vent stacks.  Wherever they are in your attic and no matter […]

My Heat

A new energy efficiency research company launched this year that is providing homeowners and contractors with new data on residential heat loss.  My Heat uses technology born at the University of Calgary to provide a Heat Score for houses that have been scanned with a Thermal camera from the air.  These scores can be used to identify […]

Soffit ventilation

Soffit ventilation is an important part of a healthy Attic.  Older homes rely on fresh air to be drawn in through the soffit vents.  The air fills the soffit cavity and then travels over the wall plate (under the roof) and into the Attic space.  When inspecting an existing Attic we find all to often […]

HomeStars Best of 2016 Award

IDEAL Insulation & Roofing is proud to be recognized as one of HomeStars Best of 2016 Award winners for Calgary, AB.  HomeStars is one of the most trusted online forums connecting consumers with residential contractors.  It has become a valuable tool to promote current jobs as well as communicate with prospective clients.  When our customers […]

Identifying Mold

Identifying Mold in your home can be a scary proposition.  Why is it there?  How long has it been an issue?  Is it dangerous to the health of myself and my family?  These questions are best answered by a qualified mold remediation professional.  To help research this topic the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) has […]