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Soffits & Attic intake ventilation

A common challenge with older homes is how efficiently fresh air can be introduced into the Attic space.  The most common method is through the soffit area of the roof overhang.  As we go back over the decades the materials and methodology used to frame and construct these areas can present challenges.  A common issue […]

Areas that are difficult to insulate

Every house has them: areas that are difficult to insulate.  Architectural design, framing details, framing actuality, workmanship can all lead to a convergence that creates difficult spaces for contractors to insulate.  Another common occurrence is the intersection of different building materials.  The spaces between can be tight, irregular and highly susceptibile to air leakage. This […]

Energy Efficiency Alberta Rebate

The Energy Efficiency Alberta Rebate was announced on April 18th and is designed to help Albertan’s improve their home’s energy efficiency through improvements in insulation.  As a leading residential insulation contractor in Alberta IDEAL Insulation & Roofing is proud to participate in this program.  As more details are released on the mechanics of this program […]

Managing moisture sources in Attics

This past winter was one of the worst for condensation issues in Calgary’s attics.  The prolonged, deep cold spells exposed issues that caused extensive damage and frustration to homeowners and contractors alike.  IDEAL was called to dozens of projects each month this winter where each homeowner was experiencing the same thing: moisture sources in the Attic. […]

Repairing Attic Insulation

One of the challenges of  repairing Attic insulation is properly identifying the scope of work.  Attics are out of sight and hence out of mind.  Quite often our customers are not aware of the issues present as so few homeowners ever go up and explore their attic spaces.  One of the common problems we come […]

Sources of Attic Rain

Calgary has seen some severe Attic rain episodes this Winter.  IDEAL has been called to dozens of homes that are experiencing water damage in their Attics, ceiling Drywall and in extreme cases water “raining” into their living spaces.  We’ve talked before about the causes: penetrations that allow moisture in the Attic, insufficient insulation causing heat […]

How to hire a Contractor

IDEAL has been working with the Better Business Bureau for decades.  They do a terrific job of identifying credible companies as well as supporting consumers with legitimate concerns.  The BBB recently shared this FAQ sheet on how to hire a contractor.  It clearly lays out some important factors to consider when choosing a reputable company […]

Moisture Issues in Attics

Last month Calgary experienced a significant cold spell where temperatures dipped below -10C for almost 3 weeks.  Cold snaps like this expose moisture issues in attics as the prolonged cold leads to the development of frost.  A healthy home in our climate will have limited heat and moisture loss into the attic space.  Said heat […]

Thermal fireproofing

IDEAL has been working to develop our thermal fireproofing services.  Recently we completed a project where the metal exterior walls of a warehouse/workshop were fireproofed using Hibar cementious fibre.

Energy Efficiency Alberta

The Alberta Government has established a new Energy Efficiency Alberta Agency that will administer & incentivize Albertan’s to invest in upgrading their home’s energy efficiency. Here’s a snippet of their press release.  You can read the entire post here. “”Energy Efficiency Alberta will promote and support energy efficiency and community energy systems (including micro-generation and […]