How to hire a Contractor

IDEAL has been working with the Better Business Bureau for decades.  They do a terrific job of identifying credible companies as well as supporting consumers with legitimate concerns.  The BBB recently shared this FAQ sheet on how to hire a contractor.  It clearly lays out some important factors to consider when choosing a reputable company to work on your home.  Check out the link below and feel free to ask your IDEAL representative for any of our corresponding documentation.


Tip Sheet – Hiring a Contractor

Updates to Alberta Building Code 9.36

The Energy Efficiency portion of the 2014 Alberta Building Code 9.36 comes into effect on November 1st, 2016.  This will effect how homes are built and renovated relating to insulation.  To learn more the City of Calgary is providing some great information on their website.  You can learn more here

IDEAL Insulation & Roofing is also prepared to educate and perform to the new standards.  If you have any questions pertaining to your project and code changes please contact us to discuss.  We have a variety of products and services ready to meet your needs.

My Heat

A new energy efficiency research company launched this year that is providing homeowners and contractors with new data on residential heat loss.  My Heat uses technology born at the University of Calgary to provide a Heat Score for houses that have been scanned with a Thermal camera from the air.  These scores can be used to identify hot or cold areas in a home, largely focused upon the attic/roof.  As a homeowner you can now see a thermal scan of your home where you can identify warm or cold areas.  There is much to be learned of their sources, heat loss can be due to construction factors such as insufficient insulation, voids allowing for cold or hot air to pass or appliance issues such as furnaces.  Lifestyle factors such as number of inhabitants, cooking/laundry/washing habits or heating factors such as furnace and fireplace will also impact a My Heat score.

With this information homeowners and contractors have a comparative score that can be used to identify heat loss quantitatively.  This information is very new and subsequent scans and casual relationships must be reviewed in order to properly understand it’s relevance to homeowner lifestyle and home construction techniques.  On the surface it is an exciting opportunity to measure overall heat loss on a scale that was previously unavailable.  Here at IDEAL we are very interested to see how our work with insulation applications and products will impact the My Heat scores of our customers.  My Heat is currently offering data on the town of Okotoks, AB with plans to scan more cities in the near future.  You can learn more at  Stay tuned!

Map of Okotoks where My Heat has currently scanned

Map of Okotoks where My Heat has currently scanned

HomeStars Best of 2016 Award

IDEAL Insulation & Roofing is proud to be recognized as one of HomeStars Best of 2016 Award winners for Calgary, AB.  HomeStars is one of the most trusted online forums connecting consumers with residential contractors.  It has become a valuable tool to promote current jobs as well as communicate with prospective clients.  When our customers tell us that they read positive reviews on our company we know that they are speaking of HomeStars.  To be selected as a HomeStars Best of 2016 Award winner exemplifies the role that they play in our business and our communication with future clients to come.  Thank you HomeStars!

HomeStars Best of 2016

HomeStars Best of 2016 Award



R-value is the unit of measurement used to gauge a material’s ability to reduce the rate of heat flow.  Everything has an R-value and in insulation it is used to rate the effectiveness and quality of products.  Different products have different R-value characteristics which are often compared by inch-depth.  A standard fiberglass batt has a different R-value per inch-depth than loosefill fiberglass, cellulose, JM Spider or spray foam insulation.

We use insulation most commonly in residential construction within the wall and ceiling cavities.  Its purpose is to hold heat within the conditioned spaces, the interior of your home, and slow down the rate of transfer to the outdoors.  Walls are most commonly insulated with Fiberglass batts which have the lowest R-value per inch-depth.  JM Spider Custom insulation is an innovative system that creates a higher r-value per inch-depth using loosefill fiberglass and resin.  Spray Foam insulation, in either ½lb open-cell or 2lb closed-cell offers the highest r-values.  Spray Foam is also excellent in areas that are difficult to insulate traditionally such as Floor Joists & Cantilevers.

For Attics the standard remains loosefill fiberglass insulation.  At IDEAL we utilize Climate Pro insulation developed by Johns Manville, one of the largest insulation manufacturers in North America.  Climate Pro is formaldehyde free and offers ease of installation to ensure your attic will be insulated to a quality standard with minimal heat loss.

Insulation within finished wall and floor cavities are difficult/impossible to improve without renovation.  Flat ceiling attic spaces on the other hand are readily accessible and often easy to upgrade the insulation R-value.  During an attic upgrade inspection IDEAL will identify the current R-value of your attic insulation and specify the additional loosefill fiberglass insulation required to achieve our recommended R-Value of 50.  Ventilation and vapor barrier performance is also considered and scope of work quoted. By increasing your attics insulation you can expect increased comfort within your home and potential savings on your energy bill.

IDEAL company infographic

We’re working on some new advertising for IDEAL.  Our infographic outlining all of IDEAL services is now complete.  Check it out!


IDEAL infographic