Insulation Removal

Attic insulation can sometimes be a hindrance to renovations.  Insulation removal can be difficult and tedious, especially if you don’t have the right equipment.  IDEAL can remove your existing wood chips, cellulose, fiberglass loose-fill or the various batt materials which may currently reside in your attic space.  Whether by hand or using our vacuum equipment we can provide you with a clean slate to renovate.  Just keep us in mind to re-insulate your attic after your reno’s are complete!

Attics that have suffered damage due to moisture may also require the insulation to be removed.  Most times the moisture source can be rectified and ventilation improved to allow the insulation to dry out, allowing us to insulate over top.  If it is damaged beyond repair IDEAL can remove to allow for new insulation once the problems are addressed.

Insulation Removal Quoting Steps:

  • all insulation removal projects must be inspected prior to quotation
  • prices are determined by the type & amount of insulation products present as well as access & site conditions
  • insulation removal may be suggested as part of an attic insulation upgrade project to remove wet or damaged insulation or to improve access to address vapor barrier issues