Upgraded caulk product used for

Roxul Insulation

ROXUL’s line of fire-resistant insulation for residential use includes both thermal and soundproofing products:

ROXUL ComfortBatt® is thermal insulation for use in exterior walls, attics and crawlspaces. It provides indoor comfort and energy savings all year ‘round.

ROXUL Safe’n’Sound™ is soundproofing insulation for use in interior walls, ceilings and floors to help create a quieter home.

Rim Joist

In the framing of a deck or building, a rim joist is the final joist that caps the end of the row of joists that support a floor or ceiling. A rim joist makes up the end of the box that comprises the floor system.

The header is to a rim joist what the top or bottom wall plate is to an end stud.


Plastic barrier most commonly used as a vapor barrier in Exterior Walls and Ceilings.  Is installed between framing and drywall.  Also used in Attics to seal over penetrations such as framing voids.

Joist End

The end of a floor joist is often a tricky place to insulate.  It can sometimes be efficiently insulated with a fiberglass batt. Quite often spray foam insulation is best due to the limited space and access.

Fiberglass batt

Unfaced insulation is a lightweight thermal and acoustical fiber glass insulation made of long, resilient glass fibers bonded with an acrylic thermosetting resin. Unfaced batts are effective when controlling heat flow to the exterior, unwanted noise in internal walls, and to assist with moisture control, a separate vapor retarder can be applied.


Acoustical sealant used to bond poly to framing and seal poly to itself.