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Areas that are difficult to insulate

Every house has them: areas that are difficult to insulate.  Architectural design, framing details, framing actuality, workmanship can all lead to a convergence that creates difficult spaces for contractors to insulate.  Another common occurrence is the intersection of different building materials.  The spaces between can be tight, irregular and highly susceptibile to air leakage.

This is where Spray foam insulation really shines.  Applications like the basement walk-out walls below are the perfect application for the benefits of spray foam.  The chemically expanding foam bonds to both the concrete foundation and the wood framing.  It provides a continuous seal along this transition, covering both vertical and horizontal surfaces.  It would be impossible to both insulate and air seal this area with any other product.

If you have difficult areas to insulate consider spray foam and be sure to consult with an experienced and qualified contractor like IDEAL Insulation & Roofing to do the work.

2lb spray foam applied to basement walk-out walls