Attic Insulation

The attic is one of the most accessible areas to improve your home’s energy efficiency.  Attics are commonly under-insulated with insufficient products or volume of attic insulation.  As the products and standards have improved over the years more and more people, contractors and government policies are investing in improving the R-value of our attic spaces.

If you are building a new home consider a higher R-value to lessen the energy burden on your furnace or air conditioning.  In an existing home an upgrade to your attic insulation can be a cost effective alternative to replacing doors, windows or HVAC appliances.

Attic insulation inspection To-Do list:

  • Identify any issues or problems pertaining to your attic insulation before our Inspector enters the attic space.  This can include water stains on your drywall (ceiling or wall), temperature issues in specific areas of the house or comments made by house inspectors.
  • Locate and provide access to all attic hatches.  If located in a closet make sure to remove personal items to allow our inspector to gain access.
  • Remove any personal belongings you may have stored in your attic and be prepared that any plywood blocking access to the insulation may have to be removed.
  • If you are renovating and/or performing any electrical work please ensure that your pot lights are I-C rated.  This type of pot light is permitted to have insulation installed over top without any cover or border.

Attic insulation installation To-Do list:

  • Budget 1-2 hours for the crew to be on site for a standard attic insulation installation.  More in depth jobs that involve insulation removal or extensive vapor barrier repair will take longer.
  • Don’t worry about clean up.  Our crews upgrade lived-in residences every day.  We are well prepared to lay down poly from the outside to the attic hatch and clean up after ourselves upon completion.  As we are working in your attic there will be very minimal disruption to your household.
  • Note that any roofing work quoted will be executed by a different crew.  Although we are all part of the IDEAL family any roof vents, goosenecks or soffit venting will be installed by a member of our Roofing department which most likely will occur during a separate site visit.  Don’t worry, you will not be invoiced until all work is completed and you are satisfied.