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We have an older house about 30 years old.  This last winter we had a serious issue with “attic rain” where water was dripping from the living room ceiling onto the floor.  We set up a pail to catch it.  This was February / March.   I called up a house inspector who after his inspection of our attic told me our insulation had settled over time and should be improved upon.  I called up a local insulation company who refused to add more insulstion; saying it would not do any good.

Ideal Insulation was recommended to me by my building inspector.  I called them up; Greg and another man came; investigated my attic and gave me a quote.  Few days later the work crew came and blew in more insulation; very clean and efficient.   Next day my wife and I noticed our house was a lot cooler on a hot summer day.  Just like AC!

Then we got a call from Ideal Insulation saying they needed to reopen our quote.  Fearing the worst I met with Greg.  He told me the installers didn’t have to do all the work I was being billed for and Ideal Insulation wanted to give me a refund for that portion of the job!  Which I gladly accepted!

I am not saying that my story will be your story – but I am saying it’s very refreshing to find a company that is  efficient,  does good work and is honest.  They could have kept the extra money but decided to give it back.

I definitely recommend Ideal Insulation!