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It’s been 29 months since we first experienced water damage resulting from an Ice Damn in January 2013 and for the first time since then I feel comfortable that we have done everything possible to prevent water from entering our home through the roofing system thanks to Ideal Insulation & Roofing.

I had four BB A+ rated roofing companies quote the job to replace the roof and Ideal was the only company that inspected the attic looking for reasons why the ice damn happened in the first place.  Ideal came up with a solution to fix the underlying issue, heat escaping into the attic from the house, and replace the existing roof with a ventilation upgrade at the same time.

I was expecting a pretty major disruption to our life this summer to undertake such a large project, but the project was completed in three stages – remove existing insulation to uncover hidden problems, which they did!  Remove existing roofing system and replace with necessary upgrade to prevent water penetration, and then re-insulate the attic.  Every member of the Ideal crew was fantastic to interact with and they took a lot of pride in their work.  I was expecting two weeks of interruptions based on the neighbors roofing projects and the entire job was complete in 3 days.

I would highly recommend Ideal Insulation & Roofing to my family, friends and clients.  I have pretty high expectations and Ideal surpassed them while being very competitive on their price.