Soffit ventilation

Soffit ventilation is an important part of a healthy Attic.  Older homes rely on fresh air to be drawn in through the soffit vents.  The air fills the soffit cavity and then travels over the wall plate (under the roof) and into the Attic space.  When inspecting an existing Attic we find all to often that this transition from soffit to attic space is congested, blocked, hampered by existing insulation or completely inaccessible.  As insulators we do our best to free up the ventilation from the perimeter, but it is not always  possible.  If we can’t physically reach out to the perimeter due to low slope roof pitch then there is little we can do.  Often in older homes there are 2×4’s framed in place that block soffit ventilation that can only be removed from the outside with the soffits open.

It is always encouraging to find attics like the one pictured below where the current plywood insulation stops are low enough to allow for ample air flow, as evident by the amount of daylight that appears in this picture.  We have excellent access to the perimeter which will allow us to install new styrofoam air chutes, which will maintain the intake air flow and help minimize insulation contact with the underside of the roof.  We can handfill the insulation under the new air chutes to ensure the exterior wall plate is insulated and then proceed with blowing  the new loosefill fiberglass.  There is a high certainty that this attic will continue to vent properly with improved insulation qualities.

daylight in the air space above insulation stops is evidence of positive soffit ventilation

daylight in the air space above insulation stops is evidence of positive soffit ventilation

HomeStars Best of 2016 Award

IDEAL Insulation & Roofing is proud to be recognized as one of HomeStars Best of 2016 Award winners for Calgary, AB.  HomeStars is one of the most trusted online forums connecting consumers with residential contractors.  It has become a valuable tool to promote current jobs as well as communicate with prospective clients.  When our customers tell us that they read positive reviews on our company we know that they are speaking of HomeStars.  To be selected as a HomeStars Best of 2016 Award winner exemplifies the role that they play in our business and our communication with future clients to come.  Thank you HomeStars!

HomeStars Best of 2016

HomeStars Best of 2016 Award


Identifying Mold

Identifying Mold in your home can be a scary proposition.  Why is it there?  How long has it been an issue?  Is it dangerous to the health of myself and my family?  These questions are best answered by a qualified mold remediation professional.  To help research this topic the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) has published a detailed document on identifying mold.  It’s a case study prepared for a Saskatchewan First Nations community that experienced overland flooding but their insights can apply to all households that experience mold growth.  The document pertaining to Homeowners identifying mold is located HERE.

IDEAL Insulation & Roofing encounters mold on projects frequently, most often during the winter months due to condensation.  It is often the result of excessive moisture generated in the Home due to lifestyle coupled with poor Attic ventilation and insufficient insulation.  IDEAL can often help with improving these factors to aid your efforts in removing the source of the mold from your home.  Contact IDEAL today to schedule a free site inspection where we will share our expertise in identifying the insulation & roofing issues within your home.

attic mold

identifying mold in an attic space

Qualified Roof Inspection

It’s not always easy to know what kind of shape your roof is in.  How long should my shingles last before needing replacement?  Do I have enough ventilation?  Is my roof installed properly or am i susceptible to leaks?  Roofs are dangerous and due care must be taken whenever anybody climbs on top of your Home.  If your roof is 10 years or older it is probably time for a Qualified Roof Inspection.

Asphalt shingles can crack, lose their granules or simply blow off in a high wind storm.  Your roof may be reparable, but timeliness is important before your roof deteriorates too far.  Once shingles begin to lift (curl) and lose their granules en mass they often begin to fail quite quickly.  Hidden issues could be present that are not evident from the ground, like this example where a piece of metal Fascia has fallen off and left the rake edge exposed to the elements.

Don’t let your roof go past the point of repair.  IDEAL Insulation & Roofing can provide you with a FREE Qualified Roof Inspection where our team will assess your current roof and provide a quote for the appropriate scope of work.  To learn more about IDEAL’s roofing capabilities check out our roofing page HERE.

roofing missing fascia

roofing missing fascia