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Qualified Roof Inspection

It’s not always easy to know what kind of shape your roof is in.  How long should my shingles last before needing replacement?  Do I have enough ventilation?  Is my roof installed properly or am i susceptible to leaks?  Roofs are dangerous and due care must be taken whenever anybody climbs on top of your Home.  If your roof is 10 years or older it is probably time for a Qualified Roof Inspection.

Asphalt shingles can crack, lose their granules or simply blow off in a high wind storm.  Your roof may be reparable, but timeliness is important before your roof deteriorates too far.  Once shingles begin to lift (curl) and lose their granules en mass they often begin to fail quite quickly.  Hidden issues could be present that are not evident from the ground, like this example where a piece of metal Fascia has fallen off and left the rake edge exposed to the elements.

Don’t let your roof go past the point of repair.  IDEAL Insulation & Roofing can provide you with a FREE Qualified Roof Inspection where our team will assess your current roof and provide a quote for the appropriate scope of work.  To learn more about IDEAL’s roofing capabilities check out our roofing page HERE.

roofing missing fascia
roofing missing fascia