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Attic ventilation. Why is it needed?

Attic ventilation is an important factor in protecting your roof. Moisture can build in the attic from hot air sources produced within the home: bathrooms, laundry, cooking, and humidifiers. It is important to expel this air to ensure that mold does not develop and that wood does not rot. Proper attic ventilation also helps prevent your attic insulation from settling due to condensation and hence losing some of its thermal resistance.

If an attic is not breathing properly IDEAL can offer a number of retro-fit solutions to fix the issue by improving air flow. This is achieved through various air intake options as well as exhausts vents. Intake ventilation is most often drawn in through the soffit cavity. Styrofoam baffles or Air Chutes can be attached to the underside of a roof deck along the perimeter of the attic to allow for air intake from the soffit cavity into the main Attic space. If air is unable to enter an attic through the soffit cavity due to roof construction or lack of soffit vents then lower intake vents that sit just above the wall plate can be introduced. These vents are installed on the roof just above the finished height of the Attic insulation. Intake ventilation is drawn in from the top-side, unlike soffits which draw from underneath. Roof exhaust vents can be installed in an existing roof to increase the expulsion of hot air in specific areas of the Attic.

At IDEAL our attic inspectors are happy to answer questions about your specific ventilation questions. Give us a call and we’ll inspect free of charge.