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IDEAL helps out the High River flood clean-up effort

high river flood damage

On Wednesday, July 10th 2013 IDEAL sent our 5-ton trucks, 1/2 ton pickups and 25 staff members to High River, AB to volunteer in the flood clean-up efforts. To say the help was needed is an understatement. Everywhere we went there were damaged possessions, building materials and infrastructure.  The evidence of the waters impact on the town was startling.

high river flood clean up

We did our best to pick up whatever we could find and managed to take over 20 truck loads to the landfill.  Along the way we encountered numerous people and companies who were also helping out with heavy equipment, trucks, man power, supplies, food, transportation and support. Truly an awe inspiring environment that shines a light on how communities can come together to help each other out.  Our thanks to our staff for their time and our best wishes to the town of High River on it’s recovery.

high river flood team photo