Insulation is the core of our business.  Through our numerous Drywall contractor partners we service many of Calgary’s new construction projects.  Whether it’s a Custom Acreage, a Multi-family apartment building or an entire Single-family development IDEAL is there to insulate the Attics and Walls.

We continue to invest in newer technologies such as Spray Foam, Spider custom insulation & BIBS as our industry moves toward more innovative solutions to insulate our homes.  Homeowners also rely on IDEAL for their renovation projects or to simply upgrade their existing attic insulation.

With over 35 years of operation in the insulation industry, IDEAL is truly a leader in the market.  We are here to help you develop the right insulation program to ensure all weaknesses are addressed and potential problems abated.  You can be assured that we care and you’ll see that dedication to detail when our people on our your site and in our scope of work documents.  There is much to consider in insulating a building and we have the team in place address all of your needs.