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Repairing Attic Insulation

One of the challenges of  repairing Attic insulation is properly identifying the scope of work.  Attics are out of sight and hence out of mind.  Quite often our customers are not aware of the issues present as so few homeowners ever go up and explore their attic spaces.  One of the common problems we come across is Trade damage.  This occurs whenever anyone goes up and disturbs the attic insulation.  It is very common if an Electrician or HVAC contractor has to do any work in the Attic.  They must pull away the attic insulation to access the attic floor and it is very difficult to repair afterwards.  Truly the only way to fix the footprints and disturbed insulation areas in an Attic is to blow in new material.

Far too often we find bare spots in Attics where other Trades, or residents, have worked in the past.  Like these photos below you can see how much insulation is missing from around this potlight.  There is significant heat loss in this area which can lead to frost in the attic, condensation issues, Attic rain and potentially Ice damning on the roof.  If an electrician goes into an attic to install several pot lights this damage is multiplied leaving the Attic and Home in a vulnerable position.

If you are having work done in your home which involves a trades person working in your Attic it’s best to keep in mind that some extra insulation work after the fact can go a long way to ensuring your Attic is properly insulated and healthy.

Pot light with missing insulation
Pot light with missing insulation – Thermal image