the space within the roof area of a building. Where insulation is located.

Bathroom fan vent pipe insulation issues

A bathroom fan vent pipe must be properly insulated to prevent condensation.  Breakdowns like this can create moisture that will travel back into the living spaces and cause damage.

bathroom fan pipe

poorly insulated metal bathroom fan vent pipe

Roof leaks are not always what they seem

Water damage on ceiling drywall isn’t always due to a roof leak or insulation issues.  Sometimes the work of other trades in the attic fails and causes additional moist air that is not properly ventilated.   It’s a good idea to poke your head into your attic at the first signs of water damage on the ceiling.


Ceiling Vapor Barrier

Any penetration to the needs to be sealed and properly vented out through the roof.  Even seemingly harmless penetrations like this built-in vacuum exhaust need to be vented outside as they are a source of warm, moist air.

weird penetration